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What are Burmese and Asian Cats


Burmese are a medium sized muscular cat which are deceivingly heavier than their appearance sometimes suggest.  They have a silky close lying coat, that requires little maintenance, just the act of smoothing the cat is normally sufficient.

They are laid back but sometimes have their moments of madness, and can be childlike and downright naughty, very friendly and inquisitive always wanting to see what is going on and willing to try and help, but mostly hinder.  They love to have company and a lap to cuddle up and sleep on.
The average life span is 14-16 years
Asian cats are very closely related to the Burmese and the ideal Asian Shorthair should have the similarities
of the Burmese in characteristics, size, weight, body, silky coat, shape and temperament. The Asian can come in a multitude of patterns and colours.  There are many variations in coat patterns throughout the breed spectrum.  The origin of the Asian dates back to 1981 when an accidental mating took place between a Burmese and a Chinchilla, resulting in the first Asian Cat.

This Pedigree cat is recognised by the Governing Council of Cat Fancy and is widely shown country wide at Championship Shows.
In order to maintain the correct type we often breed the Asian back to the Burmese a permitted cross within the breeding programme and still remain pedigree Asians.
Our love of Burmese and Asian cats started many years ago when we bought a Lilac Boy.  His character was something we had never experienced before.  An affectionate, vibrant fun loving cat that would play fetch, wait in hiding to pounce on you as you walked by and needed to be part of everything that was going on around the house.

We started breeding in 2001, with the intention of providing long term companions to people offering loving homes.  This is no different to the way we feel today.  Before our babies leave us we require assurance they are going to suitable homes.
All our breeding queens live in the house with us, and are part of the family.  The Kittens live indoors with us until they are ready for their new homes.  They all come vaccinated, CCCF registered and five weeks free insurance.
 We are located in Norfolk, in a village close to Swaffham approx 30 miles West of Norwich.

Grand Champion Elliechlo Pixie-Trixie
Champion Mainman Fancyman BUR
Imperial Grand Champion Elliechlo Val Letta
ASH b 25 31

Pixie is a Caramel Asian Shaded Burmilla Burmese Colour Restriction

Champion Elliechlo Mia Miko
GR CH Int GR CH Lhor Aztec Camera ASH bs 11 31 x
CH Buggiba Elliechlo Gabbie ASH f 11 31

Mika our first home bred Champion she is an Chocolate Asian Tortie Ticked Tabby Burmese Colour Restriction
Grand Champion Raweke Catania

Imperial Grand Champion Raweke Arcadius BURc x 
Imperial Grand Champion  Raweke Scrumdiddlyumptious BURn


Pepsi our Brown Burmese

Imperial Grand Champion Elliechlo Veronese
Grand Champion Kagura Elliechlo Mowgli
ASH n 25 31
Champion Mia Miko
ASH h 25 31

Rosie the youngest and naughtiest, she is a Brown Asian Tortie Ticked Tabby Burmese Colour Restriction
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